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iGene: live a happier life by knowing all about your genes

A personal iGene Passport gives you access to practical information to help you live a healthier and happier life, based on your own DNA profile.

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iGene Passport: an insight into your genes

The iGene Passport is a personal overview of diseases that you have a reduced or increased genetic risk of contracting and also offers you lifestyle advice based on your DNA profile.

This means that, on the one hand, you can relax in the knowledge that you no longer need to worry unnecessarily about certain diseases. On the other hand, you know exactly what you do need to look out for.

In your iGene Passport you will also find information on personal features and characteristics in which genetic predisposition plays a role, such as the colour of your eyes, your predisposition to endurance sports or your sensitivity to alcohol.

Message service: a personal message every week

You will receive personal lifestyle advice via the iGene message service based on your DNA profile. This includes useful tips, tasty recipes and interesting facts. Every week you will be sent a message containing information that can benefit you. This will help you to optimise your eating and living habits in a simple way.

"It's really useful. I get a message every week that helps me live a better life."


How does it work?

Take a look at this one-minute video.

Knowing about your own genes can help you live a happier life in a number of different ways. The best way to explain how iGene can help is to give you a few specific examples……



1. Stop worrying unnecessarily

Let's assume that Alzheimer's is common in your family. Your DNA reveals, however, that, based on current scientific knowledge, you do NOT have a greater genetic predisposition to the disease. That does not mean you will never get it, but it is reassuring nonetheless.

2. Help prevent diseases yourself

Let's assume that your DNA reveals that you have a significantly increased risk of contracting Parkinson's disease. However, there are known factors that may reduce this risk. We share this information with you via your iGene Passport so you can make use of it yourself. That does not mean you will never get Parkinson's disease, but you can take active steps that may help prevent it. 

3. 'If only I'd known that...'

Does your DNA indicate that you have a significantly increased risk of intestinal cancer? If so, from time to time the iGene message service will send you a reminder to have a check-up. After all, this disease can often be treated effectively if it is detected at an early stage.


4. Get the right medication more quickly

For many diseases there are a number of drugs available containing different active substances. Does your DNA suggest that your body is likely to respond better to one active substance than another? If so, we will tell you. By sharing this information with your doctor, you increase the likelihood that he or she will select the right drugs and dosage for you more quickly.

5. No need to give up the good things in life

Generally speaking, eating fat is bad for your health. However, there is a group of people for whom eating fat is a good thing. If your DNA reveals that this is the case, it would be good to know, wouldn't it?

Place your pre-order now and receive a € 70 discount

70 euro discount The English version of our app will be available in 2017. If you place your pre-order this week, you will receive a discount code worth € 70. That means you will pay just € 195 for your iGene Passport when the product is launched (normal price: € 265). A pre-order can be placed free of charge and does not bind you in any way. 

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